TeamApp is the way we keep our players, coaches and volunteers organised. The rugby season can be hectic and Team App lets us communicate the dates, times and locations of our training and matches and keep everyone on the same page.

Access TeamApp

Install TeamApp on your smartphone

TeamApp is available as a web site, web app and as a smartphone app for both Apple iPhones and Google Android handsets. Most of our players find the smartphone app easiest to use regularly. 

Accessing our TeamApp as a new user

Sign up for a Team App user account and log in to the website or smartphone app. Search TeamApp for 'Melbourne Chargers' and 'Join' the site. You can add yourself to the 'New Players' group or just follow us as a supporter.

RSVP For Training and Matches

Use the 'Training and Matches' function from the home screen to let our coaching and team management teams know if you are able to attend training. We need to know to plan sessions that are appropriate for the number of people and skill level.