Melbourne Chargers Training Schedule

Rugby is a tough contact sport and training is an essential part of the rugby experience with the Melbourne Chargers. Training is essential to hone your rugby skills, enhance fitness and undertake the necessary strength and conditioning to safely participate in the sport.

Everyone is welcome to attend our regular in-season traning and pre-season training, whether you want to get fit, have fun or challenge yourself and be a serious competitor.

Training Calendar on Team App

While we provide general information about our weekly training sessions below, the most up to date information about our training sessions is always published on our TeamApp site. If you're planning to attend a training session, please sign up for an account and RSVP for the session as it allows our coaching team to plan the sessions accordingly.

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Training locations and logistics are communicated primarily through TeamApp which is available as a smartphone app or website. We expect that players will notify the coaching staff and team managers of their attendance through TeamApp.

TeamApp is available from the App Store and Google Play, or alternatively the club’s TeamApp webapp is at

Regular In-Season Training (April - August)

Regular training is more focused on training the specific skills and strategies needed for matches played in our domestic season, so maximising the time for coaches to work with players is critical. It usually runs from April to August at our home grounds.

Regular In-Season Training at Orrong Romanis Reserve
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Orrong Romanis Reserve Orrong Road, Prahran
Train: Toorak Station (Frankston/Pakenham Line)
Tram: Route 72, Stop 37, Orrong/Malvern
Clothing: Rugby boots and mouthguard compulsory. Training jersey, sturdy rugby shorts recommended. Training is rarely cancelled, even in the event of inclement weather so be prepared for the winter chill.
Other notes: BYO water bottle. Strapping and limited physiotheraphy support is availble for 30 minutes prior to traning commencing and throughout the sessions.

Pre-season Training (January - March)

Pre-season training is essential for players to develop strength, condition and fitness for the commencement of the season. It usually commences in January and runs through to the season start in April.

Preseason Training at Gardiner Park
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Gardiner Park Carroll Crescent, Glen Iris
Train: Gardiner Station (Glen Waverley Line)
Tram: Route 72 Stop 51 Gardiner Station
Clothing: Wear loose comfortable clothing appropriate for exercising and the weather.
Other notes: BYO water bottle, sunscreen. Rugby boots with metal studs are not allowed on the synthetic surface. Plastic moulds and similar boots may be worn.

Requirement to maintain own fitness and strength training

All players should maintain a fitness and strength-based training program outside of scheduled training. This is to ensure you are reduces the risk of injuries and maximises the time the coaching team can spend on technical aspects of the game at training.

We keep a list of gyms that our players attend, and you may wish to speak to the Coaching Team or Optimus Physiotherapy about what you should be doing outside training to make the most of your time and efforts.

Social events after training

From time to time, we might have a social event after training such as dinner at a local pub. These casual events are usually organised at short notice. The Player Liaisons or Team Managers will let you know when we have an organised event, but you are encouraged to suggest your own as well!